Garrettsville Capacities and Services

Internet Service Providers

Frontier Business
Frontier offers data, internet, and backup plans.

Time Warner Cable Business Class
Time Warner Cable offers a range of business internet solutions.


The Village of Garrettsville is a member of the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC). NOPEC residents and small business who did not select a different product or did not opt-out of the program are currently receiving guaranteed savings. For more information on the NOPEC Guaranteed Percent-Off Savings opt-out program OR to learn more about NOPEC, please click here. Or visit the First Energy Solutions page to see what plans are available today.

Natural Gas

The Village of Garrettsville is a member of the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC). NOPECís chosen supplier--Dominion Energy Solutions--is one of the largest competitive suppliers of natural gas, electricity and products and services in the United States, serving over two million customers in 15 states- 700,000 of which are located in Ohio. Dominion Energy Solutions is an unregulated affiliate of Dominion East Ohio Gas, but is not the same company.


Frontier Business
Frontier phone service.

Time Warner Cable Business Class
Phone service from Time Warner Cable

Water Department

The water treatment plant obtains water from ground wells located near the facility . Twenty different wells have been utilized over the years. Today the plant uses two wells which were drilled and installed in 1968 and 1975.

In 1991, improvements were made to the facility to expand the treatment process. These improvements included the addition of chemical aeration, rebuilding the rapid sand filters with improved media and rebuilding the under-drain system. It also included the addition of a second clearwell and a new high service pump, a connection to the Village sanitary sewer system, installation of a process control panel, updating the electrical system, and the installation of a bulk water station.

In 2000, the 350,000 gallon reservoir was refurbished and altitude valves were installed to improve the water turnover throughout the distribution system. The original 150,000 gallon clearwell was improved in 2004.

Today, the Garrettsville Water Department has over 200 fire hydrants, 220 water main line valves, over 20 miles of distribution piping. This allows the Village to supply an average of 90 million gallons of water each year to over 2,500 customers.

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