Garrettsville Community Demographics and Statistics
General CharacteristicsNumberPercent
Total Population2,262X
Median Age (Years)36.6X
   Under 5 years1436.3%
   18 years and over1,67774.1%
   65 years and over28412.6%

Ethnicity CharacteristicsNumberPercent
One Race2,23999%
   Black or African American6.3%
   American Indian or Native Alaskan4.2%
   Pacific Islander00%
   Some Other Race00%
Two or More Races231%
Hispanic or Latino (of any race)9.4%

Household CharacteristicsNumberPercent
Household Population2,262100%
Group Quarters Population00%
Average Household Size2.43X
Average Family Size3.04X
Total Housing Units976X
   Occupied Housing Units93095.3%
     Owner Occupied Housing Units60464.9%
     Renter Occupied Housing Units32635.1%
   Vacant Housing Units464.7%

Social CharacteristicsNumberPercent
Population 25 and over1,483X
   High School Graduate or Higher1,37292.5%
   Bachelor's Degree or Higher32321.8%
Civilian Veterans (civilian population 18 and over)18010.9%
Disability Status (population 5 and over)23011%
Foreign Born411.8%
Male, Now married, except separated (population 15 and over)56966.8%
Female, Now married, except separated (population 15 and over)53558.9%
Speak a language other than English at home (population 5 and over)954.5%

Economic CharacteristicsNumberPercent
In Labor Force (population 16 and over)1,15266.2%
Mean Travel Time To Work (in minutes)25.5X
Median Household Income In 1999 (in dollars)47,256X
Median Family Income In 1999 (in dollars)54,297X
Median Family Income In 1999 (in dollars)54,297X
Per Capita Income In 1999 (in dollars)20,198X
Families Below Poverty Level162.5%
Individuals Below Poverty Level1004.4%

Source: US Census Bureau, 2000 Census

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